The Wilhelm Guide: How to Use a Thickness Planer

Are you thinking of getting into a woodwork project? A lot of people these days are interesting in more do-it-yourself projects and are not keen to hire a contractor to do the job for them. This way they can not only save money but learn a new skill too. Are you one of those people?

If yes, then you need to own a Thickness Planer and know how to use it too. A thickness planer is a great way to shape your wood the way you want without needing to pay a high price for it. You can make shelves with the help of it or give a nice finish to your furniture, you can also create uniform boards with finished edges that can be used a multitude of projects. Just follow these step to use your tool effectively and safely:

1. Choosing the Right Planer

The first step in using a thickness planer requires you to own a planer first. You will find that there is a variety of planers available in the market, both for home users and builders.

You can easily purchase a top of the line thickness planer for about $400 which will not only operate on your house current but will also accept boards that are 13 inches wide.

Most of the planers these days are cheap and easy to use and can take in different wood materials with ease. You can also go for an electric handheld planer but it cannot provide as smooth a finish as a thickness planer.

2. Position your Equipment correctly

Most of the planers are compact in size which makes it easier to store them in a workshop. Once you have bought a planer, make sure that you keep it near an electrical outlet so that the power cord doesn’t interfere when you are working with the planer.

Make sure that you avoid using an extension cord as it can become overheated can cause an accidental fire. Make sure that you have enough space around your planer to feed in the lumber and secure its base to the table or stand where you are keeping it so that it doesn’t shift while work.

3. Selecting your Material

A thickness planer can turn a cheap, regular sized lumber into a more finished and polished version which can be used for intricate woodworking. Make sure that you choose wood which is 14 inches in length and at least ¾ inches wide.


You will have to consider the space around your planer before you consider the board length. You can use cedar which will give off a nice pine scent and beautiful color streaks or you can use mahogany. You can also use redwood as it has a rich tint.

4. Feed the Machine

Once you have selected the wood, you just need to properly place it on the planer stand and adjust it so that it goes straight inside the planer. You will need to plane both the sides for a smooth surface. Now switch on your machine and then adjust the planer depth and feed your material from the front of the planer. Don’t pull on it and keep the height uniform on both sides of the planer. Be sure to wear safety mask and ear protection to escape the sawdust.


Local Art Wanted

To all Asheville artists:

For our current CD project Lay Your Burden Down, we’re looking for a hi-res image of your art: photography, sculpture, painting, drawing – whatever!
We’re The Wilhelm Brothers, an Asheville-based band that plays Indie Folk Rock which is infectious and insightful. You may have seen us out busking at Pack Square or playing in front of Carmel’s. Or at one of our shows at Anam Cara, the LAB, Havana’s, Root Bar #1 or the Westville Pub.You’re invited to submit a hi-res image of your artwork that fits the storyline or inspiration of the title song “Lay Your Burden Down” of our album. Here’s a live recording of it on youtube:

Everything else about the CD you’ll find out.

Any of your ideas are welcome to be submitted until March 9th, 2013, please send it/them to We’ll select and let you know by March 13th.

While there will be no monetary compensation at this time, here’s how we think you’ll benefit from it:

  • Expose your name and art on 1,000 CD’s, or more when sales demand it
  • Physical as well as digital distribution, where your name and webpresence will be seen
  • Regional, national and worldwide visibility
  • You can exhibit at our CD-release party on May 3rd, 2013
  • We’ll play music at an Open-Studio-event of yours
  • Local Art helps Local Music, and vice versa

For saving or printing this out, load the pdf-version of this info here.

Legal talk: by submitting the image of your work, you confirm that you own all copyrights, and that we (The Wilhelm Brothers LLC, 27 McKinnish Cove Road, Asheville NC 28806) are allowed to use it as cover art for this CD project as well as for related promotional material and activities without a time limit.


The Wilhelm Brothers – Chris and Cristof

So Long, Robin Williams (Performance and Lyrics)

So long, Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we’ve never met

You get the whole world laughing
Under the sun’s golden grace
Even the moon rises and falls
I remember where I was that day

We pass through moments of greatness
Their shadows we cannot escape
You’re probably writing new jokes now
Flying high avove

So long, Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we’ve never met

The wandering trail of imagination
No one had a bad word to say
You give your time so graciously
Not thinking twice about a good cause

So, long live Mrs. Doubtfire,
The World According to Garp
It’s true, sometimes I don’t even recognize
This world myself

Long live Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we’ve never met

The music of birds
The blue sky so perfect
The only normal you’ll find
Is the setting on a washing machine

My thoughts are like race cars
And I feel sad on this day
You keep the whole world laughing
Under God’s golden grace

Farewell, Robin Williams
May you find a peace of mind
I feel like I knew you
even though we’ve never met

Long live Robin Williams
May you find a home in the sky
I feel like I knew you
even though we’ve never met

Writers: Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin; Copyright: The Wilhelm Brothers LLC…

VIP Membership Now Open

With special bonus this-week-only!

If you have enjoyed listening to our music before (online, from a CD or at a live performance), it is safe to say you like what we are bringing into this world. Maybe you even got inspired to follow your own passion more deeply.

Moving forward, we want MustMakeMusic to be a source of inspiration not only for musicians but anyone with a dream. We are building a community of musicians and music-lovers who have a passion and want to help each other out with encouragement, support and just have a cool place to hang-out. We encourage each other to share about projects, get motivated by and help one another. And along the way, we will also share heart-warming music with you.

So that is the Vision. And you can be a part of it.

Why do we want you to be part of this?

Because we see that music is more and more becoming personal…
You are no longer far away from the artists who are on big stages that seem miles away. Instead, you can see talented artists perform in smaller intimate settings designed for that up-close feel. The Evening Muse in Charlotte, Club Passim in Boston, and the Altamont Theatre in Asheville are a few examples that do just that. And of course house concerts (where the artists are literally playing in a music-lover’s living room) serve that purpose brilliantly. Plus, with the increasing use of technology in music, you can now connect with your favorite artists live online, whether it is via a Google Hangout (where you can talk directly with the artists), Concert Window (live streaming of shows with chat feature) or social media like Facebook. So, COMMUNITY matters!

Because we are more than musicians…
We call ourselves folk musicians not only because of our musical roots in the folk genre, but also because we are modern-day troubadours. We bring stories and laughter to the audiences we perform for. We have a conversation with our listeners. We bring back the flavor of people sitting by the fire and singing together. Our purpose is to bring joy to people.

And so, we open up the opportunity for YOU to become a member in this Vision. A VIP Member to be specific. By becoming a VIP Member, you are not only a financial contributor to our projects but you are also a premium fan with special access to us(10 super awesome gifts waiting for you), only afforded to VIPs.

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By becoming our VIP, you are contributing to keeping music up-close and personal.

So, if you see the value in being part of this community and this amazing way of doing music, joining the VIP Membership is a smart decision.

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Until next time, be well, be happy, be blessed!
The Wilhelm Brothers – Chris and Cristof

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Cristof and Chris at Graceland in
Memphis, TN, getting inspired
by Elvis’ musical achievements.

Trees Don’t Stand Still (Album Track and Lyrics)

They may not be walking anywhere anytime soon, but they for sure don’t stand still either: trees. Swaying in and dancing with the wind. Don’t you think it’s a nice metaphor?

Click the Play-Button below to listen to the track Trees Don’t Stand Still in full length for free. Scrolling down further you’ll find the lyrics.

We hope you like this song. We intended to create a timeless work of music, following recording and sound references of Neil Young, The Beatles and the like. The whole album was recorded on a beautiful 24-track tape machine, with the incredible work of producer and bassist Henry Hirsch (most acclaimed for his work with Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Vanessa Paradis), engineer Rachel Alina (credits include P!nk, Katy Perry, Stephen Marley) and drummer Ernesto Karolys (he’s played on Letterman with First Aid Kit!). It was released this April on iTunes and other digital music platforms, and came out as CD this August.

Download Trees Don’t Stand Still for just 99¢


Here are the song lyrics for you to sing along:

The truth always happens in doorways
And time is but a thief
And there’s nowhere to go but everywhere
Those are the silliest shoes in America

Winds of change are coming
Maybe they’re already here
Life is but a dream
Trees don’t stand still
At the end of the road

And I don’t know where I am tonight
Dressed in hobo rags
And the streets are drenched with longing
And all kinds of fancy hats
And we move from town to town
Digging up the underground
Losing space and time
But not in any line


And I’ve done my best here
In this mad old little world
And I’m letting myself go blue
With this hunger for you

Sometimes things are just moments
And then they disappear
If time is but a shoreline
The ocean don’t care
At the end of the road

Song written by Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin, published by The Wilhelm Brothers LLC…

New Live CD to Be Released September 4th

Like A Bird – Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special

Fans & friends asked for “our sound” many a times, so we are mastering & releasing a recording of a hi-energy 5-song live radio show

Once upon a time, there was a folk rock with cello-infusion duo. They toured throughout the Eastern United States, bringing their music to the people. While playing well over 200 shows in 2013, they made countless people smile. 2014 looks pretty similar in terms of number of live performances. The number of folks touched by laughter and perhaps even happiness seems to be increasing.At several of our shows, we, The Wilhelm Brothers, who above story is about, were asked for recordings of our live shows. High-quality, of course, in terms of recording as well as performance. Our listeners seem to really want to take our energy-laden performance home with them.

While we’re very grateful to be so kindly asked, we do want to deliver! The release is going to be called “Like A Bird – Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special”.

A radio performance from April 2013, that had been recorded, we found to be really awesome and great. The performance was super high-energy, the (pretty large) audience fully present and amazingly appreciative, and the WDVX staff did a stellar job mixing and recording.

The next step was to have the songs mastered. We were able to win Rachel Alina(credits: Birdie Busch, John Francis, MIKA, Katy Perry) to do the job. She had already mastered our debut EP Lay Your Burden Down. Rachel has once again proven her fantastic ear and feel for our music, we’re extremely happy.

The songs are: 1. Endless Skyway 2. The Go-Between 3. Like A Bird 4. Dare To Dream 5. Ain’t No Way Tired. Release date is September 4th, 2014; the official release will happen appropriately on yet another appearance on WDVX Blue Plate Special at noon that day. In the evening, we’ll have the CD release party at one of our favorite venues: The Bunk House in Bulls Gap TN.

Would you lend us a hand for getting the project done by backing our Kickstarter-Campaign?

Recording (meaning driving to and back from Knoxville) as well as mastering we were able to finance ourselves already. Now, we need your help in funding the remainder of the project budget. It totals approximately $1,950 and consists of:

  • replication of 1,000 CD’s and covers and set up of digital distribution (~$1,350)
  • shipping costs for promo and delivery to backers (~$400)
  • kickstarter and amazon payments fees (~$200)

You can sign up to some great rewards to enjoy in exchange for “backing” our project and thus ultimately us. You can get a German style bread baked by Cristof, or songwriting help by Chris. Take a peak and pick here 🙂

Can you do us a favor and tell your friends about us, too?

Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve already sent our way. We truly love you! We’re very grateful you help us being on the path of the folk musician, living our dream, doing what we love.

May you always be smiling, and find and have true inner happiness

The Wilhelm Brothers -Chris and Cristof