New Live CD to Be Released September 4th

Like A Bird – Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special

Fans & friends asked for “our sound” many a times, so we are mastering & releasing a recording of a hi-energy 5-song live radio show

Once upon a time, there was a folk rock with cello-infusion duo. They toured throughout the Eastern United States, bringing their music to the people. While playing well over 200 shows in 2013, they made countless people smile. 2014 looks pretty similar in terms of number of live performances. The number of folks touched by laughter and perhaps even happiness seems to be increasing.At several of our shows, we, The Wilhelm Brothers, who above story is about, were asked for recordings of our live shows. High-quality, of course, in terms of recording as well as performance. Our listeners seem to really want to take our energy-laden performance home with them.

While we’re very grateful to be so kindly asked, we do want to deliver! The release is going to be called “Like A Bird – Live on WDVX Blue Plate Special”.

A radio performance from April 2013, that had been recorded, we found to be really awesome and great. The performance was super high-energy, the (pretty large) audience fully present and amazingly appreciative, and the WDVX staff did a stellar job mixing and recording.

The next step was to have the songs mastered. We were able to win Rachel Alina(credits: Birdie Busch, John Francis, MIKA, Katy Perry) to do the job. She had already mastered our debut EP Lay Your Burden Down. Rachel has once again proven her fantastic ear and feel for our music, we’re extremely happy.

The songs are: 1. Endless Skyway 2. The Go-Between 3. Like A Bird 4. Dare To Dream 5. Ain’t No Way Tired. Release date is September 4th, 2014; the official release will happen appropriately on yet another appearance on WDVX Blue Plate Special at noon that day. In the evening, we’ll have the CD release party at one of our favorite venues: The Bunk House in Bulls Gap TN.

Would you lend us a hand for getting the project done by backing our Kickstarter-Campaign?

Recording (meaning driving to and back from Knoxville) as well as mastering we were able to finance ourselves already. Now, we need your help in funding the remainder of the project budget. It totals approximately $1,950 and consists of:

  • replication of 1,000 CD’s and covers and set up of digital distribution (~$1,350)
  • shipping costs for promo and delivery to backers (~$400)
  • kickstarter and amazon payments fees (~$200)

You can sign up to some great rewards to enjoy in exchange for “backing” our project and thus ultimately us. You can get a German style bread baked by Cristof, or songwriting help by Chris. Take a peak and pick here 🙂

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Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve already sent our way. We truly love you! We’re very grateful you help us being on the path of the folk musician, living our dream, doing what we love.

May you always be smiling, and find and have true inner happiness

The Wilhelm Brothers -Chris and Cristof