Trees Don’t Stand Still (Album Track and Lyrics)

They may not be walking anywhere anytime soon, but they for sure don’t stand still either: trees. Swaying in and dancing with the wind. Don’t you think it’s a nice metaphor?

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We hope you like this song. We intended to create a timeless work of music, following recording and sound references of Neil Young, The Beatles and the like. The whole album was recorded on a beautiful 24-track tape machine, with the incredible work of producer and bassist Henry Hirsch (most acclaimed for his work with Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Vanessa Paradis), engineer Rachel Alina (credits include P!nk, Katy Perry, Stephen Marley) and drummer Ernesto Karolys (he’s played on Letterman with First Aid Kit!). It was released this April on iTunes and other digital music platforms, and came out as CD this August.

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Here are the song lyrics for you to sing along:

The truth always happens in doorways
And time is but a thief
And there’s nowhere to go but everywhere
Those are the silliest shoes in America

Winds of change are coming
Maybe they’re already here
Life is but a dream
Trees don’t stand still
At the end of the road

And I don’t know where I am tonight
Dressed in hobo rags
And the streets are drenched with longing
And all kinds of fancy hats
And we move from town to town
Digging up the underground
Losing space and time
But not in any line


And I’ve done my best here
In this mad old little world
And I’m letting myself go blue
With this hunger for you

Sometimes things are just moments
And then they disappear
If time is but a shoreline
The ocean don’t care
At the end of the road

Song written by Chris Wilhelm and Cristof Ensslin, published by The Wilhelm Brothers LLC…